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Galaxies nuclei Entropy Kinetic theory Rotation Smoluchowski equation DNA Einstein Interacting agents Thermodynamics Pressure 9862Gq Scalar field Energy high Dark matter density Collisionless stellar-systems Phase separation Generalized thermodynamics Effondrement gravitationnel Chemotaxis Cosmological model Gravitation self-force Cosmology Condensation Bose-Einstein Statistical mechanics Galaxy Gravitation collapse 9536+x Gas Chaplygin Fermion Numerical calculations Mass density Formation Equation of state Computational modeling Ions close to interfaces Marcheur aléatoire Gas Stability Gravitation Game theory Diffusion Wave function Dark energy Glass transition Mouvement brownien Catastrophe theory 9530Sf Fermi gas Dark matter halo Current fluctuations Structure Halo Nanofiltration Competition Brownian motion Quantum chromodynamics axion Atmosphere Bose–Einstein condensates Denaturation Euler-Maclaurin Fokker-Planck Fermions Axion star Random walker Gravitational collapse Feedback Collapse Evaporation General relativity Dark matter fuzzy Dissipation Black hole Bethe ansatz Dark matter condensation Field theory scalar complex Turbulence Energy internal Computational modelling Critical phenomena Asymptotic behavior Dark matter Dark matter theory Hydrodynamics Axion Keller-Segel Density Expansion acceleration Chemotaxie TASEP Fuzzy 9880-k Energy density Cosmological constant Bose-Einstein Collective motion Field theory scalar Nonrelativistic 9535+d Smoluchowski-Poisson Galaxies kinematics and dynamics

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